Ice Lolly Trick

This is one for the lads out there tying to bring something new to the bedroom and surprise your lady friend. Surprisingly stimulating and tasty. All ladies reading this article feel free to give your thoughts on the activity. This works without the initial tying and blindfolding bit but I felt that added a certain element to the surprise.

So this does require the purchase of an ice lolly, I found the best type are the ones with the ice round the outside and the ice cream in the middle. Adds another element when you melt through the initial layer of ice and it tastes delicious. You can also use home made popsicles I guess these would work just as well and there is also the added advantage of making different shapes which may be fun to play around with.

To begin with tie your partner to the bed (Optional) and cover her eyes with a blind fold (also optional). Then begin initial foreplay, this step is important as you want her senses to be as heightened as possible. When you have built her up take out your ice lolly.

IMPORTANT NOTICE – take an initial lick of the ice lolly, this is one fuck up I made that I am keen other people do not! Make sure all the initial frosting is off the ice lolly or it will stick to the skin and you will get a very big slap when the restraints come off. Please be aware your are dealing with very cold objects on open skin – BE CAREFUL.

Once the lolly is liquidy you can begin. You want to give the most stimulation in the initial touch as she doesn’t know what to expect so a good one to try is sliding it in an upwards motion whilst kissing her mouth. After the initial gasp slide the tip of the ice lolly up her body towards her breast then stimulate her nipples with the lolly. Work round all her erogenous zones whilst following the cold stimulation with your warm tongue. Good areas to go over are her nipples, stomach, neck, lips, thighs, face, bum hole and obviously go back to her virgina. Once the initial layer of ice has melted off melt the ice cream over her clit and eat away.

FYI this does end up getting messy and does make her sticky at the end which is just another excuse to have a shower together. Once you have made her orgasm a couple of times and finished the ice cream its time to have some fun yourself now. I would highly recommend turning her onto her front as she really will be quite sticky and theres nothing quite kills the mood like your stomachs sticking together repeatedly. Another potential solution is let her on top, your partner will probably be quite appreciative after you take off her restraints which is never a bad thing :).

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