New York Sex

It all started when I wanted to go to New York with my friend.

It was the 4th of July and my best friend Jake asked me to go to New York with him and his mom. My parents we obviously not all for it see how Jake’s mom is a heavy pot user. They told me I could go only if I took my little brother. I say little but in fact he is only a year younger than me. At 18 he is what kids at school would call a nerd. However I had to convince Greg (my brother ) to go with me. What happens next just blew my mind.

I knocked on his door. I heard some commotion like chairs falling or a book slamming closed. Wanting to know what it was I just walked right in an to my surprise Greg was standing there in only his boxers. I quickly excused my self and left to my room.

About twenty minutes later Greg came knocking on my door. ” Tina”, he said,” Sorry about that I was changing for supper when you knocked”. . “what did you need”, he asked? I paused and began to explain my problem. After I was done he told me that he would only do it on one condition. I was agreed and when asked he said ,”ill tell you later”. We then raced down the hallway to dinner.

At dinner Greg never spoke a word. He just ate and looked at his plate. When dinner was done Mom told us to wash the dishes , I was to wash Greg was to dry.
We walked in the kitchen and I started the was water.

“Greg”, I said,” What is this condition you have to go with me to New York”. He explained that he couldn’t tell me He had to show me. I told him when he is ready let me know.

I lay there awake in bed. It is 12:30 am and all I could think about was going to New York with Jake. See the big reason to go was that Jake and I had plans to finally fuck each other when ever we could. I at 19, even though I could consider my self hot has never umm well had sex. I started to drift off to sleep when I heard a knock on my door.

I didn’t have time to answer when Jake barged in. I was shocked. There he was with nothing but his boxers on. My eyes quickly gazed to his crotch. I noticed that he was hard and his silk boxer were being pulled tight by his 9 in. dick”Tina”, he said,” This is the one condition”. He slowly started to remove his boxers and in a flash his fully hard cock popped out. Standing there in in full glory he told me to undress and lay down.

scared I quickly told him to fuck off. He just reminded me that I am his only way to New York. He also reminded me that if I didn’t go that I could blow my chance at fucking Jake. That fucking bastard he was reading my emails.

I started to do what he told me . Slowly removing my top which was the only thing covering my average size tits. I then removed my night short which once again where the only thing coving my love hole. See I don’t like to wear panties. I then laid on the bed and waited for the worst.

What happened next didn’t scare me it sent waves of pleasure through my body. He had his head between my legs licking my clit like a fucking mad man. I didn’t take long for my virgin pussy to start to tingle which sent me in to my first and till today the most amazing orgasm of my life.

I couldn’t take it any more and pushed him on the bed. I kissed down his chest and belly. I then reached his sweet smelling cock. With a flick of my mouth I completely engulfed his cock with my mouth. I began to suck first slowly then fast grabbing the base and jacking him off as I sucked. After about 20 minutes of this he was moaning and muttering words I couldn’t understand. Just as I was about to release his cock I felt him twitch and jerk in my mouth. That followed by him releasing what seemed to be a gallon of cum in my mouth.

When he was done he slowly grabbed me by the hips and pulled me to the bed. He aimed his still stiff love rod at my virgin hole. I knew it was wrong but I didn’t care. With out waste he shoved his full nine inches in me. No care for my hymen. He stated to slowly pump my pussy. We were like this for about an hour. I guess since he cum already it was going to be a while for more.

Before I could say any thing I heard a moan and then he shoved his dick as far as he could. I felt him jerk and twitch as he did before as he released another stream of his hot baby making juice in my pussy. I reached around and slapped him.

“You asshole I am not on the pill and you didn’t bring a condom”, I screamed.
He just scoffed and walked out.

Well I did get to go to New York. I did get to fuck Jake. I couldn’t help closing my eyes and dreaming it was my brother though.

Three weeks after I returned I found out I was pregnant and knowing that Jake used protection that left only one guy to be the father. That just turned both of us on. But that is a different story.

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