Sex on a Crocodile infested beach!

Australia is an incredible place with many incredible beaches to explore, but travelling to North Queensland and the Northern territory the beaches can be quite hazardous, they have visitors that are not always wanted. Walking around many of the inland waterways and coastal regions you will be confronted by brightly coloured signs that indicate crocodiles inhabit the area and you need to be cautious. These signs however do not show up particularly well in the dark and having only been in Cairns for a few days I was yet to come across one.

It all stemmed from a drunken night in Gillian’s followed by an emotional breakdown by a friend because his girlfriend had broken up with him, which caused me to be left to my own devices to find someone to hang out with. In the search for a suitable companion I stumbled across a petite Irish red head who was beautiful and a really good crack. After a couple of hours drinking and throwing banter the time was edging closer to closing time. Time to see if she was keen on me…

Leant in for a kiss. There it was, she’d been waiting, her tongue slid to the back of my mouth and her hand ran through my hair on the back on head. This sent electricity shooting through my body, It was definitely time to leave the club. We walked down towards the esplanade towards the hostels debating where we could go to carry on the night. Not wanting to carry on the evening in a hostel with 11 other people sleeping around us it looked like we were fresh out of options. I was pretty disappointed at this point as I didn’t see much hope in the night progressing any further. Then she leant over and in a soft Irish accent said “you have given up on me have you?” then slid her tongue gently into my ear. OMG! it felt incredible!!! I grabbed her by the hand as she giggled behind me and lead her down to the beach.

We found a large bush that sheltered us from site from the esplanade path above and began to make out. She then began ripping my clothes off and kissing my entire body. She quickly slid out of her dress and moved in between my legs. She pushed my chest down so I was lying flat and slid my dick all the way to the back of her throat. My dick pulsed inside her mouth as she massaged it with her tongue over and over again. She then moved up towards my mouth sliding her tongue into my mouth whilst manoeuvring my hard dick inside of her. She began to ride me hard stimulating her clit in a circular motion. I could feel her body shaking as she climaxed on top of me, I needed to release she had built me up now and I wanted to finish her from behind. As she relaxed on top of me after her orgasm I rolled her off onto the sand and turned her over. I slid inside her and began to pump her from behind. I felt her back arch so my hard cock touched her in the right place as I increased the pace.  I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her close to me as I got closer and closer to orgasms. I could hear her moaning and shaking underneath me. I needed to finish and with perfect timing she arched her back once more to release the pressure I had built up inside of her. My heart was racing, I rolled onto my back as she climbed on my chest, smiled and started kissing me again. Her long red hair felt amazing over my chest as I caught my breath in between kissing her.

After lying there in the Queensland heat for a while we decided to head back to the hostel. Walking up from the beach along the Esplanade as the sun was coming up, we caught site of a sign – Danger Crocodiles inhabit this area attacks cause injury or death!!! Definitely could have put a dampener on the evening!

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